How to Become a Nasty Woman in 3 Simple Steps

It never crossed my mind that I would one day wish to be a Nasty Woman, let alone actually attain that objective. Although this desire was largely unprecedented, it was unbelievably satisfying when it became a reality. By following my simple three step program, you too, can achieve your goal of becoming a 100% genuine Nasty Woman.

  1. Address

There is nothing quite as nasty as addressing the issues of society. Sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, or any other major topic will do the job. Merely point out the injustices faced by portions of the population, and you are sure to be considered absolutely vile. It would be far more acceptable to ignore the faults of society and carry on one’s merry way. That is, of course, unless you strive to be a Nasty Woman.

  1. Aspire

Refusing to settle for what others believe you to be capable of is a vital quality in a Nasty Woman. Hopes. Dreams. Plans. Goals. Whatever you may call them, they are the key to bona fide nastiness. In a world where women are somehow still expected to achieve only the bare minimum and leave all of the interesting tasks to the gents, aspiring to greatness is practically sinful.

  1. Accomplish

To finally become a true Nasty Woman, you must accomplish something. This accomplishment can be anything. What’s important is that it is something you find pride in. It is despicable for a woman to have confidence. Doing things that provide you, or others, with fulfillment is so incomparably nasty that some refuse to even credit women with these accomplishments. Feats performed by females are often downplayed and ignored. I challenge you to attain things others cannot possibly disregard without making fools of themselves. While it is not all about the attention received due to your exploits, it really pushes your nastiness to peak levels.

But wait, there’s more!

When Donald Trump uttered the words “Nasty Woman”, he not only made a mistake, he gave a name to a revolution. I would say that he created a revolution, except for the fact that he didn’t. Nasty Women have been around long before Donald Trump, and will exist long after he is gone. The only difference is the name by which we go. Whether we are labeled witches or Nasty Women, the implication is the same. A woman who speaks up or acts out is evil.

This concept seems rather ridiculous when it is said outright, but it is implied endlessly. The notion that Hillary is too experienced, too smart, or too ambitious has been thrown about time and time again. She is considered to be ‘frigid’, ‘distant’, ‘shrill’, ‘abrasive’, and any number of alternative terms filled with underlying misogyny. This form of sexism is difficult to detect, particularly for men. It is, however, disgustingly prevalent.

Fox News paints Elizabeth Warren a hypocrite for admonishing Donald Trump for his use of the term¹ when she, herself, has called him a ‘nasty little bully’. Yes, they both used the word ‘nasty’. However, the implication was far different. Donald used the term to diminish and humiliate Hillary for pointing out his avoidance of paying taxes. Elizabeth utilized the term to point out Donald’s history of mocking and insulting others (women, POC, a disabled reporter, etc.). No, we are not making too big a deal out of or exaggerating the Nasty Woman comment. We are merely using it to draw attention to a widespread issue.

It is high time that we embrace ladies who are goal-oriented, ambitious, vocal, successful, purposeful, enterprising, thriving, and focused. Continue to address issues, aspire to greatness, and accomplish whatever you set your eyes upon. People will never cease their attempts to minimize or dismantle you achievements. All you can do is accept the label of Nasty Woman and utilize it as the motivation you need to keep aiming higher.

With love,
Grace ❤

¹ Source

Read Not Bossy. The Boss. for more on the hatred of women in power

how to become a nasty woman in 3 simple steps


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