Making Herstory

Supporting Hillary Clinton is truly an art. As an art enthusiast I can appreciate that fact. I simply cannot allow it go unnoticed. Never in my nearly sixteen years of existence have I faced such extreme backlash for any opinion, action, or belief. I have accepted that I must become an artist to support Hillary, but I am here to question why that is so.

When people first began to announce their runs for office, I was frequently questioned upon who I would endorse. As a feminist, many assumed I would place my support in Hillary Clinton simply for the fact that she is a woman. I was very vague in my answers, never quite giving a true backing to any candidate. I knew what supporting Hillary would entail. A large number of Americans are fiercely opposed to her, even more so in my small southern town. It isn’t just a difference in political beliefs, it’s an open hatred. It is one thing to disagree with a candidate’s policy, but quite another to openly berate, objectify, humiliate, and slander them.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect. I’m the first to admit that. Regardless of your support, or lack thereof, you must recognize her mistakes. As you would with any person, politician or not. In addition to that, you must also recognize her accomplishments.

Becoming the first female nominee for a major political party is no small feat. Despite your personal feelings towards Hillary, you must admit that this is a huge accomplishment. Whether or not you agree with her actions, policies, and ideas, we must recognize this historical milestone. Little girls now have a comeback when the boys in their class say women can’t be in charge. Ladies who were alive before women even had the right to vote now have the opportunity to not only vote, but to vote for one of their own. Young women like me who have political aspirations now have a female role model proving that it truly can be done.

I respect the fact that others do not agree with Hillary Clinton for whatever reason. The problem arises when they use misogynistic slurs, violent threats, and blatant sexism to promote their candidate or to put mine down. I can guarantee that if a male candidate was in Hillary’s place they would not be facing the same criticisms and insults. Discussion of a politician’s clothing, hair, and marital life belong nowhere in an election. These topics are overtly sexist and divert voters from the real issues at hand. Referring to a candidate as a “b*tch”, discussing their supposed aptitude in sexual acts, and suggesting that they might be less adept at a position based upon their hormones are all inexcusable actions. I cannot fathom why some consider this to be appropriate conduct. Discussing a candidate’s policies, qualifications (or lack thereof), history (that pertains to political issues), and conduct are all perfectly acceptable topics within an election. There is a plethora of information that could be debated within these topics. Why can we not stick to them?

I knew that supporting Hillary would not be easy. With the incessant questioning as to whether or not I would support her, I knew that I must make a decision. When I got down to the issues, the decision was quite easy, but the effects of such a decision are much more difficult to face. Supporters of Hillary Clinton are often accused of endorsing her simply for her gender. Yes, it is incredible that we finally have a female candidate for president. No, that is not the only reason people support her. That idea belittles the progress women have made by saying that they have only accomplished things because of their gender. In fact, we have accomplished things in spite of our gender and the prejudices that come along with it. I have chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton based upon my political, religious, and personal beliefs. The fact that she is making history in the process is merely a bonus. There are numerous other accusations, insults, and misogynistic comments that Hillary supporters encounter daily. I only wish I had enough time and laptop battery life to discuss them.

An art is defined as “a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice”. I have had to practice (and most definitely pray for) patience, love, and kindness in order to endorse Hillary. It is no easy task to be constantly berated, mocked, humiliated, and judged for supporting someone who I strongly believe would do their best to take care of our country and its citizens. This has not been an easy process and I know that it will become no easier, but I truly believe that it will be worth it in order to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Simply having a female nominee for president is a huge victory for women across America. Don’t discount this major milestone based upon your personal beliefs. Celebrate this moment and appreciate it for how monumental it is. I am overjoyed that I have the opportunity to stand for and with a woman who inspires me daily. I’m proud to say that I’m with her.

With love,
Grace ❤

Making HerstoryHillary Clinton For PresidentGrace Brandt as Hillary Clinton


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